An advisory capacity to the
world’s leading brands and regulatory health authorities

Perona Pharma Inc. is an integrated, international Canadian company which is mainly into the products such as Natural and Non-Prescription Health Care Products including Dietary Supplements, Vitamins, Gummies, Organic and Functional Products.

Perona Pharma Inc. is a manufacturer which uses its sophisticated and modern technologies in order to serve the customers with its aim to provide innovative, quality health care products and excellent customer service which is trusted by many health care professionals and customers across Geographies.

The manufacturing unit of Perona Pharma Inc. is the best qualified factory and is a certified to ISO Manufacturing Standards, GMP, Halal and many others. In fact, our formulas are created with International Regulatory in mind and are compliant in most markets.
Perona Pharma Inc. is based with its headquarters in Ontario, Toronto, Canada, it has a World-Class Manufacturing Facility in the countries such as Turkey and India to make the bulk production. We also provide Research and Development and Consulting Services.
We are dedicated in providing natural health care solutions that will improve the health of people locally and globally and we focus on both adults and kids.
We are the fastest growing Manufacturer of Health Care Products in the world. We have a global footprint in many countries such as North America, CIS, Asia and MENA Region.